Automation for law firms and lawyers

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Freeing up time for more strategic legal advice, business development and better client experience

Focus on the really important things with the automation of legal documents






Hours/year Savings

Work more efficiently and cost-effectively

Under time pressure and the cost-sensitive eye of the client, particularly supportive activities are not carried out efficiently and sustainably. This leads to even more time and costs in the future, which takes attention away from the main activity with clients. With the use of automation, preparatory, follow-up and supporting tasks are completed faster and more cost-effectively. Data extraction and consolidation, documentation, filing and data maintenance can be outsourced, leaving more time to concentrate on the essentials.

Increase quality of work

Repetitive, time-consuming and data-intensive activities are not uncommon in client work. Coupled with tight deadlines and confusing requirements, errors can occur which, in case of doubt, are detrimental to the mandate. Automation can provide a remedy, as technically executed steps follow the specified rules and the error variance, unaffected by external and internal factors such as fatigue and stress, is close to zero. In addition, further process steps can be implemented, which are possible with the faster execution time and increase the quality of the work.
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Your advantages through the use of automation

  • Relieve employees – more time for the essentials.
  • Reduce costs – More efficiency in day-to-day business.
  • Error-free execution – More reliability. 24 hours a day.

Law firms can benefit from automating certain front-office and back-office tasks - from processing case inquiries and forms to searching for documents and organizing files - allowing attorneys and legal staff to focus on serving their clients. 

Kanzleien werden durch den Einsatz von Automatisierung attraktiver für potenzielle und bestehende Mandanten. Dadurch, dass die Prozesse durch Digitalisierung und Automatisierung schneller und einfacher sind, werden nicht nur Kosten für die Mandanten gesenkt, sondern auch Fortschritt im Mandatsfall schneller erzielt.

Humans and robots can work together in the legal system.

The software robots that make up RPA solutions work on the basis of strict rules. In many situations, they are dependent on human input:

-When data needs to be verified
- When procedures change
- When it comes to exceptions to the rule 
- When real human contact is required

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Find out more about the possible applications of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the rare technologies that has the potential to impact every aspect of a business by automating repetitive and manual tasks that exist in every industry. RPA is particularly well suited to law firms as they have to complete many routine and volume-driven tasks on a daily basis as part of their compliance and due diligence obligations.