Automation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

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Surveys show that there is a 36 percent automation potential in the healthcare sector. Help your staff to take more care of patients, suppliers or partners.

According to McKinsey, greater use of digital technologies would save 42 billion euros in Germany

61 % higher


Over 38 %

Reduction in demand

100 % more

Time for patients

The 42 billion euro opportunity for Germany (McKinsey & Company)

We understand your challenges. Whether complex processes or inefficient workflows, our many years of experience in exciting projects enable us to work with you to find a tailor-made solution to your challenge.

Facilitation of regulations

The constant changes to regulations at federal or EU level present healthcare companies with major challenges and administrative work. To ensure patient safety and minimize product liability risks, you need to take note of them and implement them. This process offers great potential for automation and allows your employees to focus on other activities.

Administrative process optimization

Even in mid-sized healthcare organizations, employees spend millions of hours each year performing repetitive, manual tasks. Software robots can take over many administrative tasks and procedures, perform them flawlessly even after long days and thus help staff to devote themselves to other tasks.

Skills shortage in the healthcare sector

The well-known shortage of skilled workers does not stop at the healthcare sector. Many administrative activities are extremely resource-intensive and inefficient. Countless employees are missing for important processes in more profitable areas of the company. By automating these processes, you not only gain more resources for more important tasks, but also work significantly faster and error-free.

Inefficient inventory management

Inventory management is an essential part of a company's success. The challenge of planning for peak times or difficulties in tracking pharmaceutical deliveries, for example, costs industry players a lot of money. Automated inventory management allows you to make delivery times more transparent and react in good time.

Other use cases that could be of interest to you:

Automation of

  • Supplier creation, maintenance & evaluation
  • Order entry
  • Invoice processing
  • Price and material update

Want to find out more about the individual use cases? Then contact us directly and we will explain how we can support you with automated processes.

Measurable success
We can deliver significant results for our customers through intelligent automation in production.

  • 91 % faster
  • 100 % error-free
  • -92.000 € Savings per year
Faster 91%
Error-free 100%
Savings per year - 92.000 €

Your advantages through the use of automation

The software robots that make up RPA solutions work on the basis of strict rules. In many situations, they are dependent on human input:

Relieve employees - more time for the essentials
Reduce costs - more efficiency in day-to-day business
Error-free execution - more reliability. 24 hours a day

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Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the rare technologies that has the potential to impact every aspect of a business by automating repetitive and manual tasks that exist in every industry. 

Complete more tasks with fewer errors - we'll show you how!
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Find out more about the possible applications of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the rare technologies that has the potential to impact every aspect of a business by automating repetitive and manual tasks that exist in every industry. RPA is particularly well suited to law firms as they have to complete many routine and volume-driven tasks on a daily basis as part of their compliance and due diligence obligations.


Software robots can not only imitate humans & work 24 hours a day, in most cases they are also faster.


Robots work according to clear rules & do not make mistakes, even if they do the same thing all day.

Savings per year - 138.000 €

Within 30 days, we were able to fully automate our client’s process & achieve significant savings.