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We just open our "Urban Chill House" mp3 download store.
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We do not sell products on However we would like to provide web links to CDs, t-shirts and other stuff featuring Non Eric available online. We are in no way connected to these offers and can not give you any kind of warranty regarding these products, not even  for their availablity.

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AMAZON Germany:

Urban Chill House 1  Non Eric CD

Tribute to Non Eric VAR  CD

Superstitious - Luxor Maxi CD

El Nino Crazy Malamute CD

Ebay Germany:

The first chapter Crazy Malamute CD

El Diablo Fuego Vinyl Maxi

Der Aloisius Komplex AKO feat. Non Eric Vinyl Maxi


wetiko website


GeRM vol. 1


urban chill house vol. 2


urban chill house vol. 1


a tribute to non eric


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