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GeRM - Generated Realtime Music
a concept by Non Eric

Until now musicians have used machines to create music. Now these machines become independent. Artists now construct music machines that generate new music on their own. Like planting a seed that will eventually become a plant. Artists create the pattern from which a self-mutating musical idea will be generated. Always different, no starting point, climax or end. The ultimate generative music experience.

The music on this CD was created by using a highly modular and programmable emulation of a "modular synthesizer". The synthesizer’s oscillators, LFOs, filters and vast array of modulators and can be freely combined with random generators. Using a computer screen these elements can by patched together in any order. This mutative music machine is created using loops, random triggers, step sequencers, transposition and volume modulation.

1. The Flood ( 2 min excerpt , mp3 ) stream or download

ambient atmosphere with a randomly generated tonal melody line. Random triggered transposition.


2. Smart Voices

the CD „ great speeches of 20 th Century „  continuously fed to the input of a modulated vocoder patch. Vocoder triggered by random generators.


3. A Tangerine Dream ( 2 min excerpt , mp3 ) stream or download

a strong arpeggio line , transposed ,filtered and decay modulated by random generators


4. Beat the drum

randomly triggered bassdrum theme with soft arpeggios.


6. Beauty of the beast

low bass kick and random trigger snare fills


7.  Beat the bass

randomly transposed bassline with a strong sequenced melody, heavily gated.


8. Tribal feast

Randomly triggered tom sequence plus gated HH lines.


9. On the run ( 2 min excerpt , mp3 ) stream or download

Up-tempo bassdrum battle constructed using random gates & sequencers


10. Sunrise ( 2 min excerpt , mp3 ) stream or download

Mellow random melody with a dark ambient pad modulation

All patches constructed by Non Eric
Recorded in 1999 at the Kingsfield Studios Germany.
Dedicated to the hills of Schalkenbach.

Available as a full 74 minute  album from my the site or on a track by track base from the non eric download store . All mp3 are 192 k/bit and not copy protected.


GeRM vol. 1


urban chill house vol. 2


urban chill house vol. 1


a tribute to non eric


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