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non eric - a short biography

Berlin based Non Eric is a professed trendsetter and visionary always willing to redefine himself as musician, DJ or producer.
Mainstream is the one thing he is no time for.




the big urban chill

His current album „Urban Chill House 2“, released summer 2002, was not produced in a regular recording studio. Non Eric captured his inspirations in hotel rooms, on holiday even during train journeys with a laptop.
Already its predecessor was a novelty. Urban Chill House 1 is not a regular chill house compilation of  tracks produced by various artists such as the famous „Cafe del Mar„ series. This album was exclusivly composed, recorded and produced soley by Non Eric.




trance history


The last CD release of the label LUNATEC „Tribute to Non Eric„ reflects quite impressively his roots in the German trance & techno scene of the nineties. DJs from Germany, the UK and Spain present remixes of classic LUNATEC tracks.

The label was founded by Non Eric and his wife Beate Bordin early 93 in Berlin. More than 80 12 inches were released, licensed worldwide and sold on a total of about 1 million units. His tracks appeared under various project names and pseudonyms granting him maximum artistic freedom which he made full use of. He is well known for his work as a remixer/ producer for acts like Marc Almond, Alphaville, Dance 2 Trance, Dumonde and Blue Peter . As a consultant for LOGIC Records he entered the music scene in Frankfurt at the dawn of the german techno movement.

Snap, Sven Väth, Moses P ,Jam & Spoon and Non Eric all maintained recording studios in Frankfurt´s legendary Strahlenbergerstrasse. The crowd at Omen, Dorian Gray and later the U 61  partied to Eric´s Live and DJ sets. His bookings included Nature One, Big Warp, Sounds of life and international gigs in  London ( Heaven ) and Japan (OSAKA 3000 ).





it started with a VOLKSTANZ


What has Punk got to do with Techno ? More than you may think. Both movements gave birth to a new way of life and grew out of a healthy indie scene. Doing it yourself and breaking the rules was in fashion again. A minimum of a great beat or three chords was all you needed for maximum fun.

Non Eric is short for Non Eric Clapton. The name was first used in the Punk / New Wave band „ Volkstanz „. The first single was recorded in London and released in 1981 on the infamous 5te Gangart label. A year later Pension Stammheim followed with a Mini-LP on the same label which started in Bonn, Germany and developed into the world famous Normal Records. „Pension Stammheim „ combined minimal electronics with German lyrics with Non Eric on MS20 and vocals. Well received in German magazines such as Sounds the band were invited to German Punk and New-Wave legend Alfred Hilsberg’s Versuchsfeld in Hamburg. Using this opportunity Non Eric met many influential figures in the German music scene and in the middle of the 90s a collaboration with Chrislo Haas (DAF and Liasons Dangerous) appeared on Londons Mute Records called Armed Response




non eric – a man and a machine


His musical career has always been closely connected with computers and modern electronics and his latest work GeRM 1 „ generated realtime music1 „ is an experiment with self-generated electronic music worlds apart from classic song structures. Fresh and innovative, just the way Non Eric likes it.

The CD GeRM Vol. 1  featuring over 70 Min of innovative electronic sounds will be available soon. Check out our download section.


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GeRM vol. 1


urban chill house vol. 2


urban chill house vol. 1


a tribute to non eric


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