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Wetiko –  the new concept album by NON ERIC will be completed soon. The recording features a variety of  singers and musicians from Berlin and Hamburg. The music ranges from down-beat songs to up-tempo tracks. Most of Non Ericīs past work has been instrumental but this time the words are very important.

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Welcome to the new Urban Chill House mp3 download store in cooperation with musicdock the new shop system for labels and artists. We are currently under construction. Online now is the album " Urban Chill House 2 " which will be followed soon by " Urban Chill House 1 " and selected tracks. You can not only download the whole album at a great price ( 4.99 € ) but we also supply  a PDF format printable album and CD cover. The mp3 files are 192kb CD quality standard files compatible with any mp3 hard or software. No copy protection.

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Hot new track,-) Berlin meets Hamburg. T|O|M ( and Non Eric got together in the studio in Berlin for a quick and dirty recording session. The track "Warm is the new cool!" was composed, recorded and mixed in less than 2 hours.

It is our new Track of the Moment download & enjoy!




Hi,  we uploaded a new  track of the moment . Check it out!
Itīs free, legal and a full quality mp3 - Enjoy !




A big update!

We have updated Visit our new download section and save the track of the moment! This will be a full length high bandwidth mp3 from our backcatalog. One at a time. The track of the moment will change about once or twice every month. A good reason to visit regularly.

Shopping!: Check out some links to non eric records & cds available on amazon and ebay.

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11|02|04 closed the doors...
our free web-album is not longer available...
we try to find a new solution, stay tuned:-)




online again :-)





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Discography online
A selected Non Eric discography is online. It features a small selection ( from about 80 - 90 productions ) of the most important releases by Non Eric since his first 7 inch record with VOLKSTANZ back in 1980. It was recorded  in small 8 track studio in London . In collaboration with TJ  Wilson, vocals and  Robert Crash , MS 20 and Bass. Non Eric played the guitar . Collectors Item ! A full discography will be available in the members online area.




More music for free !
I uploaded 2 more mp3s as a  free download. " Vibes of Life "  
is track 8 from the last NON ERIC CD " Urban Chill House 2 ".
" Lunamore " started as a test project for my music PC. I wanted to
check the new system and take it on a test drive. However the test track turned out so convincing that I am publishing it here on
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Harem Records releases " Rising Sun " !!
At the end of August 2003 Harem Records will release a new version of the LUNATEC track " House of the Rising Sun " by TBB, the project of NON ERIC and ANDY JAY POWELL. It is included on the double A-side 12 " vinyl of DE VARGAS & Friends featuring the Original Mix and a new Remix !








Non eric delivered the goods @ Kesselhaus/Kulturbrauerei Berlin
His set consisted mainly of  techno house classic and tracks produced
by himself ...




An excerpt from the playlist:
Passion - Gat Dacor
One more time - Blake Baxter
Sexuality - Ruben Carrera ( produced by Non Eric )
Look what u done to me - Non Eric
Sienta la musica - Crazy Malamute ( produced by Non Eric )

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Today! My first public event in more than 3 years, donīt miss it!
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Hi, I am very happy to announce!
Thanx to tijai (the fabulous art & web designer)! This web site will replace the former label site of lunatec records. This new web appearence will be dedicated to my future and past music activities. Most of the content is not yet availabe, so watch this space for updates. Soon you will be able to download a selection of my music and read a diary about the production of my current music projects...
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On the 31.5.2003 I will be delivering a dj set of classic techno house tracks at VST days in Berlin ( This is my first public event in more than 3 years, following my last public live act at the Dorian Gray in Frankfurt airport and a special dj appearance in Frankfurt U 60311 back in 2000.










GeRM vol. 1


urban chill house vol. 2


urban chill house vol. 1


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